Clients in the Spotlight – RecycleIT, Big Cow Productions and more

The team at MonkeyFish Marketing, part of The Hatch Group, are proud to showcase a selection of our latest projects from quarter 4. Our amazing creative team have been busy working alongside our digital services experts and skilled development team on exiting projects that are now out there for all to see.

The team at MonkeyFish Marketing love to receive client feedback and we are delighted to share client testimonials and case studies.


RecycleIT is a company that promotes the reduction and recycling of electronic waste such as computers, monitors and lots of other types of IT equipment. They achieve this by offering waste electronic recovery and recycling schemes as well as informative content on how to properly dispose of waste IT equipment.

MonkeyFish worked on the RecycleIT website as well as their SEO strategy, writing quality content in the form of educational articles and blog posts that rank well on Google.
RecycleIT Logo

Big Cow Productions

Our close work with North West based creative photography and video production company Big Cow Productions has helped them grow their brand and promote their high-quality photography and videography services to a wider audience by providing high-calibre content and sales copy in the form of blog posts, informative articles and website design.

The creativity of Big Cow Productions combined with the energy from the MonkeyFish team has provided a consummate cocktail of peerless professionalism and artistry that is deeply engrained within the ethos of Big Cow Productions.
big cow productions logo

Happy Client

I wanted to drop you a personal note as it’s been a year this week since the new Akixi website launched – and what a transformation we have witnessed over the last 12 months! Not only do we as Akixi employees now have a website we are proud to show off, but also from a marketing perspective the site has continued to evolve month on month with fresh content, restyling, optimisation, and increased and improved calls to action. Our website KPIs for last month were the strongest they have ever been, with the number of sessions and users pretty much doubling since the start of the year! Massive thanks to the whole MonkeyFish team, but I especially wanted to commend Graham Caldwell who has been my super-responsive key point of contact over the past months. The role Graham has played in keeping up the momentum, constantly reviewing and optimising the site, and being so easy to work with has undoubtedly made my job so much easier, without question. I truly see him as an extension of my own marketing team and a highly valued resource. Thanks for all you have done so far and keep up the fantastic work!

Hilary King

Marketing Manager at Akixi

Exciting Development Projects

As well as digital marketing and website development, MonkeyFish also create bespoke software platforms that are built for purpose.

Diverse Trainers

Diverse Trainers provides award-winning personal training courses in partnership with Active IQ – the leading award body in the fitness industry.

MonkeyFish helped Diverse Trainers with their entire digital strategy, from creating their website, writing content, social media promotion, SEO strategies numerous other aspects of digital marketing.
Diverse trainers logo


Greenredeem provides an incentive service for business and their employees to reduce, reuse and recycle more often. The Greenredeem platform works by introducing rewards to those who participate, building healthy recycling and waste reduction habits within people using fun and engaging methods.

MonkeyFish created their bespoke software platform that is used to build communities of likeminded individuals and uses incentives to promote greener behaviours within its participants. It does this by rewarding actions that are good for the planet such as switching off lights before leaving or reducing waste.
Greenredeem Logo

A Project Close To Our Heart

One of our most ambitious projects to date was created for the UK’s leading food and drink export company Smylies, where we built them a bespoke software system called Brand Builder which drives food and drink sales of branded food and drink products to Smylies customers across the globe.

It works in a similar way to other popular ad platforms, targeting potential customers who have already expressed interest in a certain product and introducing different food and drink brands to those looking to buy.
Smylies brand builder
Clients in the Spotlight – RecycleIT, Big Cow Productions and more