Smylies Achieve 65% Growth With Skuup and Indimand

How to grow an export business through technology and clever marketing

Who are Smylies?

Established for 30 years, Smylies are a family run business exporting British food and drink brands to over 150 countries. Specialising in procurement, logistics, reworking and food technology, they embarked on a journey of business transformation with MonkeyFish 5 years ago and haven’t looked back.

What started as a digital marketing and website design brief quickly turned in to something special, taking every aspect of their business into the cloud and disrupting the market.

A Full Service Solution

Warehouse Management

Business Intelligence

Food Technology

Smylies Transformation Journey - From Analogue to Digital

Website Development & Online Marketing

Where it all began, a new website with a digital marketing strategy. Bread and butter for MonkeyFish!


Smylies Wholesale Portal

With lead generation and new business quickly ticking up, Smylies clearly needed an online shop to facilitate new orders. The ‘old way’ of raising orders manually over the phone and email was no longer feasible… a nice problem to have.

With no suitable platform on the market for wholesale ecommerce, Indimand was born. A solution built from the ground up specifically for wholesale and export. 



Smylies Launch Their Own Brand - The King's Deli

Working with tens of thousands of supplier SKUs, Smylies entered the Gastro-Crisp market with their own brand, The King’s Deli. Now boasting 10 different flavours, they’ve won awards and are available in bars and restaurants around the world.


The BIG one - Warehouse Management & ERP

Web, sorted. Marketing, sorted. Sales and Purchasing, sorted. Now the warehouse can’t process the orders quickly enough! 

Using SAP B1’s ERP to run the warehouse was expensive, clunky and inefficient. Being able to process just one order per hour through ‘the system’, the tail was most certainly wagging the dog. Returns, overstocking, understocking and stock attribution was causing operational headaches for this booming business. 

It was time for another purpose built solution to run the warehouse operation and the business intelligence – cue Skuup. Warehouse management, control and ERP all in one place.  


Integrations With Tesco, Costcutter & BrandBank

With the journey towards ultimate efficiency well under way, it was time for Smylies to connect to the outside world as their Food Export Ecosystem began to flourish, with real time data from the biggest SKU providers on the market.


Smylies expands own brands and launch 'The King's Dairy'

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Smylies Brand Builder - Taking British Brands Further

The mission for 2020 was to become ‘The Hub’ for British brands looking to grow their presence overseas. Smylies Brand Builder was born, advertising Britain’s finest food and drink brands to the world’s biggest buyers. The only solution of its kind in the British wholesale space.

2020 also saw MonkeyFish join forces with The Hatch to create ‘The Hatch Group’, bringing big brand expertise from marketing, design, software and all things digital into one big pool of talent in a shrewd acquisition. As a result, The Hatch Group now owns 10 exciting brands of its own.


What's In Store For Smylies This Year?

Smylies have never been a business which sits on its laurels. More growth, more marketing and more tech please MonkeyFish! 

Our joint mission for 2021 is to seek out every square inch of warehouse space for maximum efficiency, whilst growing supplier and buyer sales even further. 

Happy Relationships


“I just have to say a big thank you to MonkeyFish and The Hatch Group for producing a website, online shop and systems that have been the backbone to our company's growth. We love the team's passion and the service they provide, from exceptional technical support to effective marketing strategies. In one word, the guys at MonkeyFish are Amazing!’”

Chris Smylie

Managing Director, Smylies

Award winning

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