Leading Marketing Company Support Work Experience

Leading Marketing Company Support Work Experience

Hi, my name is Jake, and I am currently at work experience at MonkeyFish Marketing. I am 14 and in my fourth year at St.Christophers C of E high school. In school, I count graphics as my favourite subject, and am hoping to become a graphic designer in the future. I also really enjoy designing and drawing, so this placement will give me an insight into the working world, and give me the chance to see whether I really would like to be a graphic designer. It will also give me the opportunity to see what the job truly entails.

How I came across MonkeyFish Marketing

In the second term of this year, my year group was told to sort out work experience, and given my interests in graphic design and the fact that I am studying graphics, art and computer science this year, I thought it would be best for me to find a company related to these subjects. Whilst searching through several companies I came across MonkeyFish Marketing, which looked ideal for me.

Day 1: During my first day at MonkeyFish, I met the staff, who were all very friendly and helpful, and helped me to settle in quickly. I was given several tasks revolving around social media platforms, such as uploading various photos onto Pinterest, which I found quite enjoyable.

Day 2: On my second day at MonkeyFish I continued to perform various social media tasks, before being given the duty of creating a character for the founder of this leading internet marketing company, Phillip Monk.

Day 3: My third day at MonkeyFish Marketing began with some more social media-related tasks for a company called Clearwater Hampers. Firstly, I uploaded all of the hampers onto their Facebook page and in to their own specific album. Each of the different hamper pictures each then had to be given the name that they had on the Hamper.com website.

Day 4: My fourth day started with making brews for the team, which was easy, but important. Following this, I began working on my blog for the MonkeyFish Marketing website.

Day 5: On Friday, the first task I had was to upload photos onto Pinterest and Facebook for Clearwater Hampers’ selection of Mother’s Day hampers. I then moved on to completing and publishing this, my first blog for the MonkeyFish Marketing website!

What I Learnt Working with Online Marketing Experts

During my first week at work experience I learnt what Google Analytics, Wired Marketing, WordPress and Magento were, and gained a basic understanding of how to use them. I also got the chance to look at some different styles of graphic design, and found out that there was a lot more to it than I already knew. That hasn’t put me off wanting to pursue a career in it moving forward, though!

Contact the Internet Marketing Experts

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Leading Marketing Company Support Work Experience