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MFD create eye-catching Scam Wise campaign

MonkeyFish Design have been involved in another successful campaign with Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. The team of talented designers have created all the marketing materials needed for the Be Scam Wise campaign, including leaflets, booklets, window stickers and posters.


Successful campaign with creative design


The aim of the campaign is to help more vulnerable members of Lancashire communities, such as the elderly safe from doorstep scammers. The crimes are often targeted at the elderly and vulnerable who then end up out of pocket. It is known as doorstep crime, where scammers tell people they are from charities, or that they need repair work carrying out on their house and they take money and never return. The goal is that with an eye-catching logo designed by MFD, scammers will be deterred from houses that display the stickers, knowing that the residents are aware of their criminal intentions. The Scam Wise Conference which took place in March was a success, with the materials being distributed to local communities and information shared amongst the elderly and vulnerable. The logo was designed to be eye-catching, with a bright yellow colour and a shape similar to that of a warning sign to stop doorstep criminals before they get to the door. Booklets and leaflets were created to provide information on the types of scams that people can be vulnerable to and stickers and posters to spread the message that scammers won’t be tolerated in Lancashire. Print and Online Design from MFD MonkeyFish Design can help your business, charity or event by creating effective online and digital marketing materials. Whatever your needs, we can help design it. For more information, contact the design team online or call us directly on 01282 504730 and we can talk through exactly what you need for your business or campaign to be a success.


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MFD create eye-catching Scam Wise campaign