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Mav Celebrates 10 Years at MonkeyFish Marketing

Mav Jervis joined the MonkeyFish team as a Web Developer in 2011, after spending several years prior to this working with MFM founder, Phill Monk, at one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies at the time. To celebrate Mav’s 10 year milestone, the business has gifted Mav with a number of vouchers so that he and his wonderful family can dine in their favourite restaurants, courtesy of MonkeyFish!

MonkeyFish Founder, Phill Monk, commented: “It’s great to have Mav as part of the MFM team. Ten years is a huge milestone for any employee and we’re very proud to have such a loyal team member. Mav has always been a key member of the team here at MFM and has always been there to support clients and his team members over the years. Here’s to 10 more years!”

All About Mav

Mav has always worked as a Web Developer for MFM, specialising in implementing SEO and website changes. I managed to grab 5 minutes with Mav to quiz him on the last ten years at MonkeyFish Marketing.

What has it been like to see MFM evolve over the past 10 years?

It’s been really exciting to see the company grow and develop, as it expands from predominantly SEO driven developments, to broader internet marketing undertakings.

Top 3 most memorable moments in the last 10 years at MFM

There are many to choose from, but I would have to say my top three most memorable moments would be: Launching my first website, getting my first website to achieve 100% on PageSpeed Insights and lastly, breaking my ribs at the office Christmas party – yes, really!

What Advice Would you Give to Others Working in the Web Development Industry?

The best advice I can give to anyone is this: Keep chipping away at it, even the bigger jobs can be done if you approach it one piece at a time, like a jigsaw puzzle!

Invest in your Website’s Development

Would you like Mav to work his web developer magic on your site? If so, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your visions further, by calling 01282 504730 or alternatively you can contact us online.


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Mav Celebrates 10 Years at MonkeyFish Marketing