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Video Marketing – Why is Video Marketing So Important?

In today’s busy world full of information, it’s no surprise that peoples attention spans have gotten shorter. When’s the last time you read a full article that you found on Facebook? Or went to Google to search for a blog on your subject of study and actually read the whole thing, or did you stumble across a video that explained the content in less than half the time?

Videos are powerful tools for explanation, engagement and even persuasion. That’s why it’s incredibly useful to include video marketing and video SEO in your campaigns, and here’s why.

Why should you focus on video marketing in 2021?

As more and more businesses start to use video as a marketing medium, it’s important to keep up with your competition and make sure that your brand can be seen by creating marketing videos.

Marketing videos drive more engagement and ROI

According to a study done by Wyzowl, a whopping 92% of marketers, growing from around 78% in 2015, said that they use video within their strategies and that it’s incredibly important to their campaigns, meaning more and more people are adopting video.

Around 84% of video marketers have reported that video helps them better generate leads, with 78% of them reporting to have increased sales results as a direct impact from their video marketing.

Marketing videos better explain and describe your products or services

Not only has it increased ROI and lead generation, but it has also kept customers better informed about the products that they are buying and how to use them. 94% of video marketers say that it has helped their customers better understand their product or service, allowing people to make more informed decisions about the goods or services that they are purchasing.

A further 43% of these video marketers report a reduction in the number of support calls received from their customers as a direct result of informative video content marketing. These kinds of figures are impressive, showing that video marketing is not only effective at generating more sales but also informing customers and keeping them away from the customer support lines.

Videos are amazing for SEO

Ever since Google purchased Youtube, the SEO value of Youtube video has increased significantly. As videos contain a lot of content, it’s not a shock that Google values them dearly. According to Moovly, having a video embedded on your website makes you 53 times more likely to show up at the top of the Google search engine results.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Your Own Video

It doesn’t even have to be your own video, as long as it is informative, engaging and relevant to your offerings, it works. Of course, it’s better to use your own videos as you can then optimise them for your specific video SEO targets and link people back to your own website.

On average, people are more likely to stay on your web page if it contains a useful and easy to watch a video rather than huge chunks of text. The more time people watch your video, the more time they are spending on your site, and visit duration is a big factor for Google when ranking your content.

Not only does it tell Google that people are spending more time on your site, but more importantly, it tells Google that you have good content that is relevant to the terms you want to rank for and that people are searching for. So make sure you consider video SEO as a part of your video content marketing strategy.

Why Video Marketing is so powerful

Video marketing is incredibly powerful, but why? Here are a few reasons why.

1. Video vs Text

It’s no mystery that people love videos. How many people do you know that would read a book over watching the movie? The book may be 10x more detailed and gripping, yet people still opt to watch the movie instead. Why is this? The obvious answer is that reading is boring. But is that true? Probably not.

Reading stimulates the mind and makes it do most of the heavy lifting. When reading a book, you have to use your attention and imagination in long spats of focus. This is the primary reason why people prefer video; because we’re cognitively lazy.

2. We process videos much quicker than other content

According to research done by the University of Minnesota, the brain processes images around 60,000 times faster than text. It’s also said that around 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. It’s an evolutionary thing; our eyes have long been the primary senses that keep us from danger, they’re what helped our ancient ancestors avoid being eaten by predators prowling the jungle and what helped us identify patterns in nature.

It makes sense then that video marketing is a great way to reach your audience. Not only are we more inclined to watch a video than read a blog, but we also take in much more information in a fraction of the time.

3. The power of visual explanation

Videos can be very effective at properly explaining a product or service to both your existing and potential customers. As mentioned previously, we absorb information much better from visual media than we do text.

 98% prefer videos over written content

For this reason, it is much easier to explain something in the context of a video than it is in large chunks of text (that not many people will read fully anyway). The Wyzowl study that we referenced earlier also reports that 98% of users surveyed say that they have watched videos that explain products and services.

Lot’s of businesses use this method, with around 45% of businesses having explanatory videos on the home page of their websites to instantly inform new visitors of what they do. Animated videos are also an increasingly popular option and are especially useful when trying to explain concepts that real-life videos would otherwise not be able to convey very well.

4. People love to share videos on Social Media

Over the past few years, social media platforms have increasingly leaned towards video as a preferred method of content delivery. With 3.8 billion people using social media across the globe, it’s easy to see why it’s such a no-brainer to share your videos on those platforms.

The rise of visual social platforms

Recent apps like TikTok have shown the power of video, as well as platforms like Facebook, Instagram all opting for more options for sharing videos, such as Instagram and Facebook stories.

The study conducted by Wyzowl also stated that people are twice as likely to share videos on social media over other forms of content like blog posts, product pages and articles.

And remember, people prefer emotions over facts and are more likely to share your videos if it made them feel something, with around 76% of people saying that they are more inclined to share a brand or promotional video if it was entertaining and engaging.

Let’s Create A Video Marketing Strategy Together

If you’re looking to build a brand or start a business, video marketing is a sure-fire way to gain attention quickly. But remember, your videos have to be good too, they have to cut through the noise of the competition in your niche and deliver value to your audience in the form of informative, engaging and interesting content.

If you would like help or guidance in how to best use video content marketing as part of your strategy, then get in touch with Monkeyfish Marketing today and we can help you craft compelling videos that drive traffic and increase conversions.


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Video Marketing – Why is Video Marketing So Important?