Local Agency MonkeyFish Joins Digital Powerhouse The Hatch Group

A Hatch Made in Heaven

MonkeyFish Marketing has prospered in recent years, with its latest venture seeing the firm join Ribble Valley based The Hatch Group.

Founded in 2008 by Phill Monk in the midst of a global recession, MonkeyFish has gone on to secure work with an array of brands and has continued to prosper in the face of the global pandemic. 

Throughout the years, MonkeyFish has survived and thrived in the ever changing industry of marketing, covering all aspects of digital solutions. Phill and the team are now ready for the next level by joining The Hatch Group.

Who are The Hatch Group?

The Hatch Group boasts a portfolio of specialist businesses in marketing, design, and technology, with a strong resume of noteworthy clients such as Crown Paints, Marvel, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Destinology and many others. 

MonkeyFish founder Phill Monk, refers to the four owner/founders of The Hatch Group venture as the “Fab 4”. The Fab 4 consist of Phill Monk (MonkeyFish Founder), Tony Bury (Founder of Biddable Media), Graham Slater (Founder of The Hatch) and Steven Hickey (Managing Director of The Hatch Group). 

Tony Bury, the man behind Biddable Media, has a wealth of experience in the paid advertising sector as a Google Certified Professional for 17 years, and a Bing Ad Professional for nine years. His advertising agency which was created 5 years ago, specialise in generating results for businesses big and small from paid search engine marketing.

Graham Slater as a creative individual, formed The Hatch whilst freelancing back in 2013. The Hatch pride themselves on being a ‘tight knit team of creative thinkers’, offering innovative and professional campaigns in both digital and traditional formats, including TV and radio. 

After working in the technology sector for 10 years, Steven Hickey went on to be a self-employed consultant 5 years ago. A working relationship was formed during this time between Steven, Phill, Tony and Graham which has enabled the state of play today. We’re now witnessing a merger of these innovative companies and a suite of software products which include Indimand, Skuup and Monalitica. 

A North West View to The Future

The Hatch Group has achieved a unique position, in that it has chosen to combine assets, talent and intellectual property to further propel themselves as a larger business – better together. The leadership team have 50 years of experience in their respective fields and the sectors they service include food, travel and technology to name a few.

The Hatch Group is headquartered in a newly converted mill in the Ribble Valley, close to Clitheroe in the heart of Lancashire.

On the merger, MonkeyFish founder Phill Monk commented, “Having worked so well together over the years, with experience and talent which you rarely find in one place, officially becoming a part of The Hatch Group is a natural progression for MonkeyFish and for myself personally – we now have a dream team with a strong portfolio of brands, broad range of clients and amazing in-house resources, which will operate as one super-unit”.

For any existing customers at MonkeyFish or The Hatch, it’s business as usual but if there are any questions, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.


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Local Agency MonkeyFish Joins Digital Powerhouse The Hatch Group