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MonkeyFish Marketing Acquires Rustic Africa Safari as it’s Latest Travel Client

Subsequent to our previous success with other well-established travel brands, a new client has come knocking at our door in the form of Rustic Africa Safaris.

Who are Rustic Africa Safaris?

Rustic Africa Safaris is a leading safari tour operator based in Nairobi, Kenya. They provide specialised safari holiday packages across Africa and are looking to ramp up their marketing strategy with the help of the MonkeyFish team.

The Task Ahead

The brief provided to us by Rustic Africa Safaris, necessitates a heavy focus on improving SEO for the website along with a view to work on CRO in order to increase generation leads through increased traffic to the Rustic Africa Safaris website.

The team at MonkeyFish Marketing are thrilled to be working with another travel brand and are excited to commence working their magic with such a prominent travel company.

Are You Looking for a New Digital Marketing Partner?

If you’re looking for a revamp with regards to your marketing strategy or website design, then look no further than the team at MonkeyFish Marketing. We can assist you with all aspects of digital marketing from SEO and CRO to email marketing, branding and beyond.

Get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01282 504730.

Alternatively, contact us online.

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MonkeyFish Marketing Acquires Rustic Africa Safari as it’s Latest Travel Client