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MonkeyFish Launches the Revamped Smylies Shop

The latest chapter in the Smylies and MonkeyFish story features the highly anticipated brand new Smylies Shop –  another triumph for the MonkeyFish and Smylies partnership!

MonkeyFish Launches the Revamped Smylies Shop
The new and improved Smylies Wholesale Shop

Upgraded Functionality and Features

Back in 2017, MonkeyFish launched the initial Smylies Shop following a huge increase in lead generation and high levels of sales interest. Fast forward the clock to today and we’re now seeing the revamp of this revolutionary platform come to fruition.

Boasting an array of new features which includes Google translator, CIF, improved search capabilities, as well as new items and best seller markers – The latest improvements to the Smylies Shop follows years of auditing by our expert team and the Smylies team to find how and where the site could be improved.

Smylies Shop New Features
A multitude of new elements have been added to the upgraded Smylies Wholesale Shop

During the re-development stage, our experts knew that maximising the seamless wholesale e-commerce service provided by Smylies, had to be of paramount importance.

The updated Smylies Shop navigation and additional features are advantageous not just to oversea wholesale buyers, but also to British brands. MonkeyFish continues to maximise the possibilities for Smylies by ensuring that the Smylies Shop is at its best and thereby positioning brands at the forefront.

Bigger and Better Than Ever Before

MonkeyFish worked with wholesale e-commerce wizards, Indimand to launch the initial Smylies Shop.

Today, Indimand continue to play a pivotal role as part of The Hatch Group, in upgrading the Smylies Shop to be even bigger and better than ever before!

It has been the key focus throughout this project to improve the functionality and overall end-user experience. The result of this should see an increase in Brand Builder partners, as the Smylies Shop’s traffic increases.

Crucially, the revamped Smylies Shop will create a more seamless wholesale export service than ever before as buyers track and manage their orders, quotes and invoices in one place.


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MonkeyFish Launches the Revamped Smylies Shop