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MonkeyFish Launches New Website for Diverse Trainers

Website building and revamps are our bread and butter here at MonkeyFish Marketing and we are delighted that our dedicated team can finally announce the launch of the brand new Diverse Trainers website!

Maximising Online Growth and Presence  

Diverse Trainers have been a MonkeyFish Marketing client for over seven years and specialise in certified fitness training courses. As their marketing experts, MonkeyFish has had a keen focus on growing their business through strong SEO and PPC strategies. As a result of our work with Diverse Trainers, their marketing analytics performance has thrived over the years. 

When reviewing the previous website, the MonkeyFish team along with Diverse Trainers, came to the conclusion that the website would benefit from being upgraded whilst taking the opportunity to retain the current SEO and marketing value. 

The new Diverse Trainers website was created with the intention of making it more accessible for the client so that it could allow for them to build their own banners and campaigns independently. Concurrently, the MonkeyFish team looked at how they could improve the overall user experience to maximise functionality. 

Following changes to learning methods, due to the ongoing global pandemic, online learning has become much more prominent and thus the new Diverse Trainers website needed to accommodate for this in order to provide its clients with access to suitable learning resources. Another important additional feature to the website includes Omni Finance, which will provide Diverse students with a multitude of payment types allowing for more affordable options. 

Visual Transformation

The MonkeyFish design team had a vision to create a cleaner and more sleek website design in order to improve the website’s visual appeal.  The use of added icons and new structure of content makes the information a lot more digestible for the reader as they can find out key information about the courses with ease. Furthermore, a reduction of touch points has allowed for a more fresh look along with a crisper finish.  

Revamp your Website with MonkeyFish Marketing

MonkeyFish has a wealth of experience when it comes to website design and all things SEO at our internet marketing company.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your website and/or implement a strong marketing strategy, then get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 01282 504730


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MonkeyFish Launches New Website for Diverse Trainers