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A Crate of Wine and Champers from the Kind Folk at Hamper!

HAMPER-WINE-AND-CHAMPERS The team at MonkeyFish Marketing were absolutely delighted to receive a crate of wine and champagne from our internet marketing clients, recently! After a booming Christmas period, in which they saw their revenue more than double from last year (when MFM’s services were not enlisted,) the team at Hamper finally had time to pause for breath, and clearly decided that we deserved rewarding for all of our hard work on their site over the past few months.


Outstanding Online Marketing Results


As aforementioned, enjoyed an immense rise in online revenue over the course of 2014, particularly during the busy festive period, and this coincided with a concerted effort on our behalf to target seasonal keyword variations. Christmas hampers and gift baskets were understandably popular, with their lofty Google ranking for related searches doing no harm whatsoever to leads, and ultimately, conversions. And Hamper obviously thought that our dedicated team of internet marketing experts contributed greatly to their vastly improved levels of online sales, expressing their gratitude for the fantastic job done with a crate stuffed full of wine and champagne for our staff to enjoy!


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Even Better Internet Marketing Services in 2015


There certainly has not been, nor will be, a hangover in terms of our provision of tremendous internet marketing services in 2015 though, wine or no wine! In fact, MFM strive to be better than ever in the new year, and have already set about making a number of changes to our own website, whilst keeping up-to-date with the constantly evolving online marketing landscape, as ever. We look forward to helping and all of our other reputable clients make further strides forward in 2015, with the prospect of another hamper full of alcohol only one source of motivation! If you would like to know how we can help your business to grow this year, why not get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team of online marketing experts and obtain your free website health check. Either leave your details with us, or give us a call direct on 01282 504730.

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A Crate of Wine and Champers from the Kind Folk at Hamper!