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Antique violins – perfect for added character

You only have to take a look around the musical world to see that there are many fans of older, more seasoned musical instruments. From the famous, favourite guitars of the rock stars, such as BB King’s Lucille, to the cherished old violins of the world’s leading players, there is just something about an older instrument that gives it a character and authenticity that a brand new instrument simply cannot match.nnOf course, in the case of antique violins, this can be more than just an intangible feeling of history and charm; many old violins genuinely are better. From the expensive classics, like Stradivarius, to the many similar master makers of times gone by, antique violins are often better made, and therefore make a better sound, than their modern counterparts.nnIn other cases, there is less of a clear cut reason to choose old violins or antique violins, yet somehow they just feel better. It is as if they still resonate with the thousands of notes they have played before, and the applause of hundreds of delighted audiences. As if they hold the inspiration of their previous players, each one willing you to match and exceed their talents.nnWhatever your reason for choosing antique violins or old violins, you’ll find a wide selection of violins for sale at Riverside Violins, from £575 to £1500. From the quality of classic antique violins, to the more ethereal sense of age and history from less famous old violins, we’ll have the right instrument to suit your playing style and your personal preferences. What’s more, we include a free violin case with every instrument we sell, so you can perfectly preserve your own piece of history at no extra cost.

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Antique violins – perfect for added character