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Are You Ready for Multiple Device Internet Marketing?

It’s predicted that more than 1.75 billion people will be using smartphones to browse, shop and share online – and that’s not including tablet users. With the mobile device era well and truly upon us, it’s time to start (if you haven’t already) adapting your internet marketing strategies to cater for multiple devices – not just computers and laptops. You can’t blame people for choosing to browse online with their tablet or smartphone as opposed to laptops; they’re much smaller and lighter therefore are easier to carry around. And in the majority of cases they’re faster too – computers are good at getting clogged with junk and slowing down over time! So the question is: are you ready for multiple device marketing? Do you know how users are interacting with your site, and where best to advertise your products and services? How do users experience your website on a mobile device?


Does Your Internet Marketing Cater for Mobile Users?


mobile device internet marketingNothing outs off users more than a website that isn’t responsive to mobile. Pages are hard to navigate and links can be almost impossible to click, so regardless of who you are and what you’re offering you need a responsive website. With such a huge number of people using their smartphones to search, you should provide a click to call action in your paid advertisements. Not only is it easy for potential customers to reach you this way, you can also use the data to analyse the effectiveness of your ads and optimise future campaigns accordingly. You could carry out split testing to see which ads are more effective if you’ve got a larger ad spend budget. People that are using smartphones to search want to find what they’re looking for straight away. Does your website meet this demand? You could easily lose customers by having unclear call to actions, buy now or contact us buttons for example, so take a look at your website on a mobile device and see what improvements you can make. It’s only going to get more important!


Let MonkeyFish Help with Mobile Optimisation


Equipping your site to best take advantage of the mobile era is essential – but if it all seems a little daunting, don’t worry, MonkeyFish Marketing is here to help! Our expert team has tons of experience of adapting sites for mobile to increase customer engagement and conversions. We can also provide you with tailored internet marketing services and strategies to increase your visibility and lead generation online – increasing your profits and providing a great ROI. For more information please give one of our friendly consultants a call on 01282 504730, and get prepared for the mobile revolution!

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Are You Ready for Multiple Device Internet Marketing?