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Contemporary Spiral Staircases Provide Commerical and Domestic Inspiration

If you are looking to inject a wow factor into any property, be it commercial or domestic, there are many areas to consider, one of the most used areas of a home or indeed business facility is the staircase or to access various floors.nnBespoke Spiral StaircaseThis area of a property is one that must be given attention. In the lifetime of a staircase there are probably more instances of people using them than any other room or area of a building. For this reason looking at fitting contemporary spiral staircases will help you to get your individual style across to people and really leave a good, positive, lasting, first or on-going impression with visitors.nnArchitects and interior designers are really focusing on staircases in the modern day as they realise the importance they bring to a business image or to the ambience of a home. Two of the most popular construction materials used in the manufacture and design of contemporary staircases include steel and glass.nnGlass would be a popular choice for the home rather than an industrial area of a commercial property, although this is not to say that the office areas cannot take advantage of a great blend of glass and metal staircase construction. A lot of newly built industrial buildings have huge office areas that do use glass staircases with steel borders and frames on the stairs and overlooking balconies and use it with great effect to showcase their company image.nnAnother great feature of a contemporary design would be to look at the option of fitting spiral staircases or helical staircases. They look great, add extra flair to a property and can again use a variety of materials. It may be that you prefer metal and glass or a metal and wood combination, whichever you choose for your property one thing is for certain, spiral and helical staircases look great!

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Contemporary Spiral Staircases Provide Commerical and Domestic Inspiration