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Get the Biomass RHI with SOLARFOCUS Biomass Boilers


The biomass RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) is currently available for businesses that are using biomass energy to supplement or completely supply their energy. As of Spring 2014, the biomass RHI will also be available to homeowners that use biomass energy – but why should you make the change to biomass? Biomass material is biological material derived from living or recently living organisms. One of the most common forms is wood, which is then made into logs, wood chips or wood pellets, which are then used to fuel biomass boilers in industrial, commercial or domestic premises.


SOLARFOCUS Design and manufacture Efficient Biomass Boilers


biomass fuelBiomass fuel is actually renewable, since it is only created from dead wood that has been suitably dried out to ensure it provides a high energy output. Many forests are already sustained so in effect we’re only using what we’re growing and not eating into the overall number of trees. Plus, the carbon dioxide released by burning biomass fuels is only that which has already been absorbed by the tree, meaning it is a carbon neutral form of energy too. SOLARFOCUS biomass boilers can burn logs, chips or pellets depending on your energy requirements and the model you choose. As a leading designer and manufacturer of biomass boilers, SOLARFOCUS are renowned for their innovative and efficient designs which provide a maximum heat output to warm your home – and they’re all eligible for the biomass RHI.


Get Paid for Using Biomass with the Biomass RHI


The biomass RHI provides a payment of 12.2p per kW/h for seven years, which is paid on a quarterly basis. Couple that with the fact that biomass fuel is actually cheaper than gas or electricity and there really is no reason not to change to biomass fuel: you’ll save money, you’ll make money and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint – helping to preserve the environment for future generations. To learn more about the biomass RHI and SOLARFOCUS boilers, head on over to the Oxford Renewables website – one of our internet marketing clients. The MonkeyFish Marketing blog brings you the latest news and updates from our clients, so be sure to keep checking back to stay up to date!

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Get the Biomass RHI with SOLARFOCUS Biomass Boilers