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Google Celebrates 13 Years as the World’s Most Successful Search Engine


Happy Birthday Google Google the worlds leading search engine and search facility, which is renowned throughout the world for it’s wacky yet ingenious interpretations of it’s logo on special occasions, will this week be celebrating a special occasion of its own and quite a milestone it is aswell. The number 13 is generally deemed as bad luck in many scenarios and situations, however on this occasion it marks the search engines 13th birthday, a day which is far from unlucky for the worlds leading and most popular search engine as it portrays just how far they have come over the years since it’s launch. On the 27th of September users will have had the pleasure of seeing them same six letters that some of us may have even seen everyday over the past thirteen years in your line of work, all sat round a party table, wearing party hats, a birthday cake and presentssurrounding them in the form of children’s birthday party. When you actually look back and reflect upon all that Google has done as the worlds number one search engine, the amount of traffic that it has drawn towards certain businesses in the form of internet marketing, the doors that it has opened and the opportunities that it has presented to business and individuals, it seems quite strange that it has only been with us for thirteen years, and it therefore begs the question. How did we actually cope in the world before Google was introduced…????? Google was officially formed in September of the year 1998 as a private company, though it had been lodged in the innovative minds of the two creators and founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page (at the time PhD students at the prestigious Stanford University) for over two years. When the two founders set out upon their mission with current Executive Chairman Schmidt, all them years ago, I don’t think they could have ever envisaged what an impact they were about to make on the world. However their ultimate goal never lacked ambition as they ultimately wanted to “organise the world’s information, whilst also making it universally accessible and useful.” One vital aspect of the Google format that helped in it’s achievements was to use the page rank system that is still very much part of Google today. Before this rival search engines had used the page rank system to decide rankings based on how many times a specific search was entered and appeared on the page. This was a system that was quite obviously defective and has been vastly improved since then and the page rank system that we see now is clearly flawless. The way it works now is that it measures the importance of a site by determining the website’s relevance by the number of pages that it contains, the importance of these pages and the number of relevant links that link back to the original site.


Thirteen years on, and Google is now the most visited website on the internet, processing over one billion search requests every day in over one million servers and data centres worldwide.

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Google Celebrates 13 Years as the World’s Most Successful Search Engine