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Happy 4th of July

American Kids Everyone at MonkeyFishMarketing ( a clever Internet marketing company) is in the American spirit and are enjoying their own celebrations for the 4th of July. Our SEO specialists know that an important holiday can mean that you want as many people as you can to find your advertisement and come along, we can do that for any holiday or website, no matter how big or small we can cater to your every need.   The 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays in the American calendar. The 4th of July is also known as Independence Day, as it is the holiday that celebrates the USA adopting the Declaration of Independence and gaining freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain. This holiday is a Federal holiday which means all non-essential public services will be closed for the day. American’s enjoy picnics, barbeques, eating competitions, sports and swimming. It is a traditional family holiday and American’s use the day to go to the beach together and enjoy watching Firework events like those over the Hudson River. This year there are many big events planned for those who have the day off; Macy’s have 6 barges which will be shooting over 40,000 ‘shells’ of fireworks off after 9pm this evening. If you are American or just visiting the country, we at MonkeyFishMarketing wish you a happy Independence Day!

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Happy 4th of July