Improve traffic with seasonal SEO content

In order to achieve the best search engine optimisation results possible, it is crucial to take full advantage of seasonal or event-based language. No matter what industry or sector you are involved in, the time of year will still have major impact on your web traffic. SEO is great for a long term solution, however if you want to push for more visitors over a shorter timeframe, seasonal language and terminology can have a great positive impact.


Benefits of seasonal SEO


By carefully studying keywords for particular seasons, you can capture more traffic throughout the months where your product or service is in higher demand. By utilising seasonal language, you can increase the CRO and improve the customer journey.


Methods of seasonal SEO


Take advantage of the navigation menu. By updating the navigation, you can promote the products that are more popular over the summer/Christmas periods, making them easier to find, and guiding your customers towards the products they are looking for. Creating landing pages for certain offers throughout the year will improve your CRO and pull in traffic from Google and other search engines. Specify the season within your calls to action in order to keep your message clear and direct. For example, “order now for free delivery in time for Christmas” rather than “order now for speedy delivery.”


Marketing services from MonkeyFish


MonkeyFish have been providing clients, old and new, with effective and ethical SEO services to improve their sales and increase their online presence. With a team of experts on hand to work with internal marketing managers or company owners, we are dedicated to helping you expand your brand and increase sales. You can find out more regarding our SEO solutions online.


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Improve traffic with seasonal SEO content