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Intuitive Phone Recorder Software from SMARTCALL

There are many reasons why a business would choose to implement phone recorder solutions within their organisation and there are a number of options when it comes to choosing who provides your phone recording software but before you choose the first one you come across you must first weigh up your options. Here at MonkeyFish Marketing we believe we have found the best solution yet for your phone recording solutions. SMARTCALL are market leaders and the software they provide has been tried and tested with continuous success for over 10 years in the United Kingdom, the USA and Europe.n

scFor Quality and Training Purposes

nWhether to observe and improve customer service or comply with stringent regulations regarding the recording of personal details and financial information, SMARTCALL phone recording software is the ideal solution.nnIt has been well known for some time now that many organisations record telephone calls in the interest of customer service, the obligatory recorded message we hear when this is the case makes us aware of this. This recording can then go on to help others by providing them with an example of a scenario and demonstrating to them the correct way in which to deal with the situation.nnPhone recording also help companies to ensure accuracy and efficiency when dealing with requests. This could be accuracy regarding quantities. By having the ability to review the phone call you will be able to ensure that the information you have gathered is correct.nnSMARTCALL phone recorder software features an intuitive interface known as OneView. This secure system stores the recordings in tamper proof format and an administrator can preset who can access what data. OneView also allows for easy search and playback of recordings.n

Clever Marketing Solutions

nMonkeyFish Marketing provide internet marketing solutions for SMARTCALL. If you would like to find out more about what the team MonkeyFish Marketing can do for your businesses online standing you can do so by visiting our website.

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Intuitive Phone Recorder Software from SMARTCALL