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Looking for CSCS Card Training?

Health and safety is the single most important element of any construction site, and site operators and construction companies are constantly on the look out for ways to improve the health and safety performance. A safe site is not only good for the workers, reducing health risks and cutting the number of accidents, but it also makes good financial sense too, since a company or site with a good health and safety record will be able to get far cheaper liability insurance.nnThat’s why the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card was introduced in 2010, to ensure that everyone who is allowed access to the site has at least a basic understanding of health and safety procedures and legislation. You will no longer be allowed on to a building site without a CSCS card – so how do you get one, and what is involved in the training?nnTrainingCSCS training from Renown Training takes just half a day, with a mixture of presentations, videos and hands on practical tests used to convey the basics of health and safety. Training is provided in friendly groups, with plenty of opportunity for one to one attention if this is needed. We even include a mock test to see if there are any areas that need further study before you sit your official CSCS test. The test itself is then just 45 minutes long, with a set of multiple choice questions, and most candidates finish well within this time.nnCSCS card training is just one of the training courses offered by Renown. We also offer a number of other key courses, including first aid at work and manual handling courses, to help you develop the skills and qualifications you need to find and retain work in the competitive construction sector.nn

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Looking for CSCS Card Training?