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Make Money for Using Renewable Energy with the Biomass RHI

Renewable energy is becoming more popular as we search for alternatives to fossil fuels. While large scale renewable energy solutions are still in development, powering your home, business or industrial premises is simple, convenient and cost effective with renewable energy. Biomass fuel comes in the form of logs, wood chips and pellets. With an abundance of wood in the UK this form of energy is reliable, widely available and relatively cheap, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of it!


Reduce Your Energy Bills with Biomass Energy


biomass RHIOxford Renewables are official providers of SOLARFOCUS biomass boilers, one of the leading manufacturers of renewable energy solutions. Using a biomass boiler in your home will contribute massively towards the reduction of your energy bills, and by doing so you’ll be eligible for the biomass RHI. The biomass Renewable Heat Incentive is a government funded scheme that rewards people for using renewable energy, in particular biomass. The biomass RHI provides regular payments at a set rate for 20 years, at a rate of 12.2p per kW generated per hour. It might not sound a lot but with the majority of biomass boilers using 15 kW minimum, you can expect to cover the entire cost of your biomass system in around 8 years. Combine that with the energy saving you make and you’re on to a winner.


The Biomass RHI Will Pay for Your System Over Time


The scheme is currently only available to non-domestic premises but will be rolled out to homeowners in the Spring of 2014. Until then, homeowners can take advantage of the Renewable Heat Premium payment (RHPP) which contributed to the cost of the installation of a renewable energy solution. Biomass boilers are eligible for a payment of £2,000! To learn more about the biomass RHI and how it can benefit you please visit, and be sure to keep checking back to the MonkeyFish Marketing blog to keep up with the latest updates from our customers.

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Make Money for Using Renewable Energy with the Biomass RHI