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Make Passwords An Enigma with Our New Online Marketing Client…

In this day and age of technology it’s only too easy for people to intrude into your personal life, from browsing your social media pages to logging onto your computer and viewing all yoAnenigmaur files and data. Though pretty much everything is password protected, passwords often get revealed to friends or family to the sake of convenience and once someone else knows it, the secret is out.n

Keep Personal Data Personal With State of the Art Security

nAnenigma, our newest online marketing client, have created state-of-the-art security software that keeps your personal data personal – all without the use of passwords. The difference with Anenigma software is that it uses a security code of coloured squares and a time lock system – which you set yourself – to prevent your desktop from being accessed. Because there’s no actual password, the data isn’t stored anywhere in your computer so you really are the only one that knows it – even hackers can’t gain access as there are no records of the secret code kept anywhere.nnWith several different security packages available, Anenigma caters for all security requirements, whether you just want to keep your desktop locked when you’re not around or want to encrypt your social media and email correspondence in addition to keeping your computer safe from prying eyes.n

See How Our Online Marketing Team Can Boost Your Business

nHere at MonkeyFish Marketing we’ll be working hard to ensure Anenigma aren’t a mystery when it comes to online presence and rankings – we want to make sure they’re found! Using our tried and tested online marketing techniques will ensure Anenigma see excellent results. With tons of experience in the online marketing industry and a dedicated, clever team, it’s no surprise that MonkeyFish are leaders in the online marketing industry.nnWhy not see for yourself how our online marketing services can help you? Give our clever team a call today on 0845 154 1387.

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Make Passwords An Enigma with Our New Online Marketing Client…