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Maximise Profit with Curing Ovens from Junair Spraybooths

Whether you are the owner of a small or big body shop, our client Junair Spraybooths have everything you will need for a cost effective, fully functioning spray booth workshop. Curing ovens are heated chambers and are used for drying, curing or baking of parts and final products. To suit all their clients specific requirements, they offer a range of curing oven equipment that includes cure oven for low temperature, cure oven for high temperature for powder coat cure, tunnel oven for continuous operations (1 pass, 2 pass or more), Box type oven for batch production, Dry off oven, heating by gas, indirect, oil, electric and steam, gas catalytic infra-red oven for pre-gel or full cure ad control systems to include automatic temperature profiling.


Promise on Quality


As with all Junair equipment, the curing ovens they provide are designed to be energy efficient and product high quality results.curing As market leaders in the spray booth industry Junair ensure that their customers get the highest quality equipment that is capable of maximising profit. Higher productivity and enhanced performance is delivered by all Junair equipment manufactured in their facility in Heywood as this is equipped with the latest computerised production equipment.


Housed within the facility in Heywood is a purpose built centre where Junair Spraybooths are also committed to training, research and development. This ensures the services and products they provide, including the curing ovens and dry filter spray booths remain at the forefront of spray booth technology and that the brand name Junair remains synonymous with innovation.


Get in Touch


If you are interested in Junair Spraybooth curing ovens then you can contact them by telephone on +44(0)1706 363 555 or email, if you would prefer you can request a call back. This can be achieved by filling out the contact form featured on their website.


MonkeyFish Marketing provides internet marketing solutions to Junair Spraybooths helping them to reach their full online potential. For more information on the service we provide you can find out more at

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Maximise Profit with Curing Ovens from Junair Spraybooths