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MonkeyFish are Proud to Support Local Schools’ Work Experience Programs

MonkeyFish were proud to be able to take part in the work experience programs of two local schools this month, as two students from St Christopher’s CE High School (Accrington) and Ribblesdale High School (Clitheroe) were placed with us for two weeks in February.

Jack and Joey have both written up an account of what they have learnt and took from their experience of working at a digital marketing agency and you can read Jack and Joey’s accounts below!

My Work Experience at MonkeyFish – Jack

I couldn’t have gotten a better placement for my work experience, it’s a very chilled environment, everyone works hard and the people at MonkeyFish have a laugh while doing their jobs, it’s a very nice place to be. The reason I chose to come to MonkeyFish was because they helped my dad with his website – – and I wanted to know more about how they built my dad’s website.

Before I came to MonkeyFish I thought I would be helping them out with boring jobs and making coffees, but they got me to design my own website on anything I wanted (I chose gaming). I had no idea how to make a website before my work experience, but with some help from the design team I learnt lots of new things every day. All these things will help me in the future, one of the main things I learned was how to structure a website, I also learned how to use some software I have never used before such as Photoshop, WordPress and Magento.

MonkeyFish showed me everything they work on, from design, development and marketing. In my opinion, development is by far the best job to do out of them all, as its about building the website which was the best and most enjoyable part of my two weeks here!

I only have one negative and that is I must go back to school after these two weeks because being at MonkeyFish was way better than sitting in a classroom. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and if I could go back and change my work experience placement I wouldn’t.

My Work Experience at MonkeyFish – Joey

During the 2 weeks at MonkeyFish, I can positively say that this business is a go to place if you need a place for work experience. I got put into the design team to plan out a website idea of my own and build it using WordPress. I decided to choose a website that sells trainers for the best price possible and needed to design a logo, come up with a name, sketch what the website will look like, design the website on photoshop and build the website itself.

Doing work in Photoshop and WordPress has improved my skills on this software and helped me to better understand how website design works. I could not have progressed further if it wasn’t for the help of the staff around me and I couldn’t believe how open they were to help me do my work.

Other than designing and building a website I also learnt about product and image optimisation which was something I never knew or learnt before. Of course, it wasn’t just work all day as we also had a laugh and I learnt how to play darts on breaks. They made sure I was involved in my own work as well as helping with their clients that they work with and made sure I never had nothing to do. They provided me with everything I needed, and I couldn’t thank them enough for that.

To sum everything up, my time at MonkeyFish was the best as it improved my skills at graphic design and helped me learn about marketing.

Interested in Getting Some Work Experience?

MonkeyFish are always happy to work closely with local schools to give experience of the fast-paced working life at a digital agency. If you would like to find out more about getting some work experience with us give us a call on 01282 504730. of drop us an email at

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MonkeyFish are Proud to Support Local Schools’ Work Experience Programs