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Online Marketing News: More Men Mobile Shop.

As an ever growing digital marketing agency we thought we had seen it all, but there is a spot of new research that has surprised our online marketing team… men are more likely to go mobile shopping than women!


Your ears aren’t deceiving you; a study by market research firm uStamp has found that while just 34% of female mobile users shopped on their device, an impressive 45% of men made a purchase. And other figures delve even deeper, revealing that a quarter of these men do their mobile shopping at work and 8% do so while in a waiting room. “We recognize that mobile consumerism is on the rise, and it’s important for companies to learn where, why, and how their audiences are making their buying decisions,” said Matt Dusig, co-founder and CEO of uSamp. Swotting up on these buying decisions could prove crucial to your online marketing campaign, providing inside information crucial to tailoring your sales pitch, deciding when and to who you send your email marketing campaign, and even whether you are currently targeting the right demographic. For example, the study also showed that men are significantly more likely to buy electronics, tickets to events, office supplies and confectionery with their smartphone, giving a great indication of the type of product a male audience would prefer to be faced with. But one of the key finds of the research was that a large chunk of both men and women are actively using their devices to scan barcodes, further support for the claim that this growing mobile trend could prove a great help to the online marketing campaigns of all businesses. Incorporate them onto your products and even website, email newsletters and social media pages to let customers gain access to exclusive promotions and product information. After all, everyone likes to feel like they’re a VIP! Would you like to know more about e-commerce marketing or our digital marketing agency? Call our online marketing experts on 01282 504 730 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Online Marketing News: More Men Mobile Shop.