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Pellet Boilers are Sustainable and Efficient

With an increased focus on making the most of the energy we use and sourcing it from sustainable resources that won’t have a lasting effect on the environment, many people are looking for alternatives to conventional forms of energy – the main being electricity and gas but more recently LPG too. These forms of energy are continually increasing in price and demand is beginning to outstrip supply, which is why it’s a good time to start looking for alternative sources of energy which are sustainable and efficient –so you can reduce your reliance on these increasingly unreliable forms of energy that are expensive and harmful to the environment.


Pellet Boilers are Reliable and Carbon Neutral


SOLARFOCUS pellet boilerPellet boilers are one of the most common alternatives. Fuelled by biomass energy from wood pellets, chips or logs, pellet boilers are carbon neutral, easy to use and incredibly efficient – offering up to 60kW of heat for your home. What’s more, biomass pellets are incredibly easy to come by – especially in rural areas – and they are much more efficient and easy to control than other forms of energy. Simply fill up your boiler when you need more heat and leave it to burn through! Oxford Renewables supply a range of SOLARFOCUS pellet boilers, which can also be known as solid fuel boilers. Manufactured with quality and efficiency in mind, SOLARFOCUS are leading suppliers of renewable energy systems in Europe and are a great choice for anyone wanting to make the change to biomass heating.


Biomass Heating is Eligible for the Renewable Heat incentive


If you install a biomass pellet boiler into your home or business, you’re eligible for the Renewable heat Incentive; a government fund which pays people for using biomass heating. Over time, this will largely contribute if not completely cover the cost of installing the system. Find out more about pellet boilers and biomass heating at, and be sure to like MonkeyFish Marketing on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and updates from our bespoke internet marketing company.

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Pellet Boilers are Sustainable and Efficient