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Penguin 2.0 Hits Google Search Results

We all knew that the latest Penguin update was due to hit soon, and last night it became clear that Penguin 2.0 has arrived. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, confirmed the rollout on his blog and announced that around 2.3% of English – U.S sites have been affected, with ‘loser’ categories including games websites, adult sites and big brand websites including The Salvation Army.


Penguin Will Be More Thorough Than Past Updates


Penguin 2.0 updateThe new generation of Penguin will delve much deeper into sites than previous updates and will have bigger impacts in smaller areas on sites that have ‘black hat’ spam. Black hat is a term used to define unethical SEO techniques; that is, using tactics that aren’t within Google’s (or other search engines) guidelines. Webmasters that use techniques that put clients at risk of being thrown off the index without informing them are black hat SEOs – basically, unethical. White hat is the opposite; this means you are staying within Google’s guidelines completely. Penguin 2.0 is a whole new generation of algorithms that targets many more languages – German sites in particular are said to have been hit hard. The latest Penguin looks like it will just be the beginning of new changes that will be implemented into Google in the months to come, as we reported last week. While it’s still early doors in the aftermath of Penguin 2.0, white hat, ethical SEOs don’t need to worry too much and that’s exactly the case here at MonkeyFish Marketing. As a leading internet marketing agency we only practise ethical techniques that are well within Google’s guidelines for all of our clients, ensuring them protection against tightening rules and algorithm changes.


We Use Ethical White Hat Techniques


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Penguin 2.0 Hits Google Search Results