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PTS Training Cards

nnRailway WorkersIn most industries there are qualifications and certifications that are preferred by employers, but in the rail industry, certain qualifications are a must. Without them, you will simply not be allowed access to the rail network and so will not find work in the industry.nnAs Network Rail’s Sentinal NCCA website states: “All of Network Rail’s contractors, sub-contractors and labour agencies that access Network Rail controlled infrastructure and work on or near the line are mandated to use the Sentinel competency card identification scheme”. Note the wording – mandated – not advised or preferred, but mandated. What that means is that if you want to work on the railways, then this training and certification is essential, with no exceptions.nnThe scheme was set up in 1999 to improve railway safety for both workers and passengers, and has been improved and refined ever since to raise standards across the network. Only approved training contractors are able to provide PTS training cards, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained.nnRenowned Training are one of the few approved railway training companies in the UK offering the required training, and can help you gain your Personal Track Safety, or PTS training cards in just two days. Our courses are taught in small groups of ten or less, and led by experienced rail engineers with many years of hands on knowledge and expertise. That means that you can be sure of not only getting the qualification you need, but also learning the essential skills that will keep you safe.nnAll workers on the railways are required to have PTS training cards, and to be sponsored by their employer, so contact Renown Training today and make sure your career stays on track.n

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PTS Training Cards