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The People’s Operator – A Unique Mobile Phone Network

NSPCC logoIt’s no secret that mobile phone companies make a small fortune from each customer they have. If you think about those millions of pounds of profit you have to wonder what good they are doing except lining the pockets of wealthy businessmen. Surely all that money could be put to better use?nnOf course it can, and the People’s Operator is going to make it happen. They are a brand new, completely different type of mobile phone  network that provides its customers with great value price plans and pay as you go schemes – but it goes much further than that. The People’s Operator donate 10% of what you spend to a cause close to your heart, be it a local hospice, animal charity or the NSPCC to name but a few. So every time you spend, you can be sure your money is going to a good cause and will make a real difference to someone’s life – and that really is priceless.n

10% of Your Bill Goes to a Charity Close to Your Heart

nPeople's Operator logoWhat’s more, the unique mobile phone network provider will donate 25% of their profits to a chosen charity, and any charity can put their cause forward. A transparent and independent legal entity run by trustees and chaired by Sir Christopher Kelly, the People’s operator has been set up to award organisations, charities and local communities that are having a positive impact on peoples’ lives – and there are so many charities out there that need as much help as possible.nnThat’s why it’s so important that as many people as possible switch to the People’s Operator; without customers, the cause is useless and the much needed funds won’t be available for organisations that desperately need it. You already pay for your mobile phone – why not let that bill support people that need food, clothing, shelter and most important of all, kindness.nnPendleside HospiceThe MonkeyFish Marketing team can think of no better way to use your mobile phone bill money than by donating it to charities and organisations that work round the clock to improve peoples’ lives in so many ways. At no cost to you, you can help support these causes while benefitting from fantastic value price plans that start from just £5 a month. And as part of the UK’s largest 3G network you can be assured that you’re completely covered.n

Help Us Help The People’s Operator by Spreading the Word!

nOur internet marketing team will be working hard to raise awareness of the Peoples’ Operator by using the latest techniques to ensure they achieve page 1 results so more and more people discover this fantastic cause. MonkeyFish marketing are committed to helping the People’s Operator as much as possible – will you join us?

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The People’s Operator – A Unique Mobile Phone Network