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Top Tips for Successful Video Internet Marketing

Video Internet Marketing campaigns are a fantastic way to breathe new life into your website. Adding a video to your homepage can help to create a fresh and current feel to your site but, as with all types on Internet Marketing, there are several key factors to the success of a Video Marketing campaign…nnConsider these 5 steps when thinking about adding video content to your Internet Marketing strategy:nnVideo Logo1 – Is Video Marketing Relevant to Your Audience?nnThe first step in creating a successful Video Internet Marketing campaign is to research your audience. Find out whether or not video content is something they’re likely to be interested in before you start worrying about how to make an effective video. Once you’ve made your decision focus on delivering video content that will meet your customers’ expectations.nn2 – Be HonestnnWhen creating a Video Internet Marketing campaign, it is important to create a ‘real’ impression of your business or product. Customers want to see the ‘real’ you. They want to know what you do, why they should trust you and ultimately why they should invest their time and money in your products or services. Creating an honest video without a pushy sales pitch is the best way to win a customer over, build a relationship with them and keep them interested in what you have to offer.nn3 – Keep It Simple   nnYour customers aren’t settling down to watch a feature length film so keep your video short, simple and snappy. Keep all your information to the point and consider sticking to a ‘two-minute rule’. The main aim of your Video Internet Marketing campaign is to get people to watch and respond to your video content. Creating a video that is too long or too complicated may be detrimental to your campaign and drive traffic away from your site.nn4 – Don’t Take It Too Seriouslynn“The best videos are the ones that incorporate comedy” says Kris Ruby, Founder of the Ruby Media Group. With so many social media sites out there such as Facebook and Twitter, creating a video that is funny or inspiring is a fantastic way to get noticed. With the ability to share your video content with friends, family and colleagues at the click of a button – creating an interesting or entertaining video for your customers to watch can work wonders when it comes to creating a ‘viral’ Video Internet Marketing campaign.nn5 – Take advantage of YouTubennBoasting over 20 billion views in October alone, YouTube usage is at an all-time high. Consider uploading your Video Internet Marketing content to the site, creating a channel and encouraging your customers to subscribe to it. With an impressive amount of traffic per month, having a YouTube channel can really help to increase the amount of people viewing your video.nnWith 65% of people watching online video content to the very end (compared to the 10% that will finish reading a text only site), Video Internet Marketing is a fantastic way to put your brand message across in a short space of time. Growing in popularity, keeping up-to-date with Internet Marketing trends is crucial when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and creating a great video for your website can help you to do just this.

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Top Tips for Successful Video Internet Marketing