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‘When I’m 64′…..we’ll release it on iTunes

Abbey RoadHere at MonkeyFish Marketing we have our ear to the ground, listening for anything new or exciting that comes in the form of technology or Search Engine Optimisation, so we were very excited when yesterday morning Apple announced they had a ‘surprise’ at 3pm! The first thought was that it was going to be a new form of technology, upgrade of the iPad or something along those lines! However, the announcement was that they were releasing the back catalogue of The Beatles… Now don’t get me wrong this is exciting news, I am a fan of The Beatles ( I already have the full back catalogue on my iPod) but should they not of made a point of saying this was exciting ‘iTunes’ news? The cynic in me wants to rant about when anyone releases a back catalogue it is purely a money making scheme, all the ‘greatest hits’ album that are churned out on a yearly basis with 1 extra bonus track the year before didn’t have are just to make money! I have the highest respect for The Beatles and if I’m correct I don’t even think it’s them that own the back catalogue (was it not Michael Jackson at one point?), however I don’t doubt the remaining Beatles will see some profit. The ‘buzz’ that was created around this release, in my opinion, was a bit of a letdown. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is wise to the profit based industry that is ‘The music Business’, after studying this industry for 3 years all new releases, festivals and concerts have lost that thrill and innocence of ‘just for the music’ they once had. Like finding out Father Christmas isn’t real, I now know this isn’t for the fans, nor is a world tour, it is to make money because CD sales are down and free downloads are killing the industry. Fair play to The Beatles and to whoever will be sat in a swimming pool of money from the sales but Apple you have disappointed many. Shame on you… The MonkeyFish Team

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‘When I’m 64′…..we’ll release it on iTunes