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Will the Olympics Hurt Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

With the Olympics due to start on Friday, there’ll no doubt be plenty of hustle and bustle, tantrums and tears and the odd gold medal here and there, but while London maybe the centre of attention for the next few weeks, how will your internet marketing strategy fare? Of course there will be some individuals lucky enough to attend the games but for most of us, it’s business as usual. While the London Olympic Games are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the humdrum of everyday life will still continue. Granted, we may spend a little more time watching the events unfold or checking the latest results online, but for the majority of us, life will go on as normal. Go for Gold This Summer When thinking about how your internet marketing strategy may be affected during the next few weeks, it’s important to remember that, regardless of the Olympics, August tends to be a time when business slows down slightly! With the kids having just broken up for their 6 weeks of mayhem, parents have got their hands full and for those who are planning to escape the fun and games, there are plenty of sunny summer holidays to be had! If you happen to see a dip if traffic then surely it isn’t worth worrying too much about? If your internet marketing strategy and SEO campaigns have been working well, then the Olympics combined with the ever popular holiday season may be the reason why. That doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort however. Use the distractions to your advantage! While the competition are away sunning themselves or taking the kids swimming, write an extra blog post, put more effort into your social media strategies and head for that first place position! To find out more about working with clever internet marketing company MonkeyFish Marketing, use the buttons below to get in touch.

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Will the Olympics Hurt Your Internet Marketing Efforts?